Custom Bar-B-Ques

Be a Grill Master.

Nothing says Texas like a succulent hunk o’ beef brisket covered in your own secret rub, injected with broth, and slow roasted to perfection in your own Bar-B-Que. At Hub Machine & Tool Inc, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you have the best available equipment to bring your culinary creations to mouthwatering fruition. Whether you’re a professional competition Bar-B-Que-er, or you’re a weekend Grill Master, we’ll use our machining and engineering expertise to help you get the Bar-B-Que set-up of your dreams.




A choice grade Bar-B-Que.

When you’re preparing your Bar-B-Que, you don’t pick up just any old slab of beef. You go for the choice grade with beautiful marbling. Hub Machine & Tool Inc creates Smokers and Pits that are the prime cuts of Bar-B-Que equipment. Working with you, we’ll help you create either the smoker or fire pit to fit your needs, and your grilling space. Inside or out, big or small, commercial or residential, we’ll build the Bar-B-Que, so you can get things cooking.